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Fire to Food Bank 365

The Fire to Food Bank 365 program was launched by Waterloo Fire Rescue in September of 2015. The goal of the program is to build awareness of the need for food assistance every day of the year. Simply put, individuals and families in need are hungry 365 days of the year, not just when a food drive is taking place, often during annual holidays.

In the same way that people are hungry every day, fire stations are open 365 days of the year and operate 24 hours a day. Our doors are open to the public to drop off non-perishable food donations any day, any time of the year- drop in to learn about first safety or to see our fire trucks!  We know that fire stations are strategically located in our community to respond to emergencies. Similarly, it is important to consider that fire stations are therefore strategically located to drop off food donations, any time, any day of the year. When we effectively and efficiently leverage public assets we are creating public value, such partnerships are critical to the prospect of sustainable food assistance in our community. 

We know this program works and is making a difference because non-perisheable food item and cash donations increased by 181% in the first year. This program not only formalizes the efforts of emergency personnel but strengthens the existing relationships with the local food bank to create a bigger impact together. Through community support the goal of the Fire to Food Bank 365 program is to raise more food and funds the food bank requires to deliver services, distribute food and feed more people.

​The Food Bank of Waterloo Region is a charitable organization dedicated to meeting community needs and ensuring no one goes hungry. Learn more at


"Fire to Food Bank 365 capitalizes on what Waterloo Fire Rescue is already doing, and makes it better. This new program promotes food donations 365 days a year. This is a move toward sustainable food assistance in the Waterloo Region." 

 -- Richard Hepditch, Chief, Waterloo Fire Rescue

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