Dimensions – 30” long x 12” wide x 10” high.  

Our sport bags are each made from an individual out of service bunker coat. We have taken the time to include as many features involved of each jacket as possible. Take notice of the side radio pocket and the two deep end pockets located inside each bag. 

Plus, we have recently incorporated the use of old decommissioned fall restraint/arrest vests into our large sport bags by adding a D ring, carabiner, cross chest harness, leg connectors and/or adjustable roller buckles.


Interesting fact


Both Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest vests are Personal Fall Protection Systems and they must be designed to a Fall Arrest standard. Fall Restraint and Fall Arrest vests. There is a difference!

Basically, Fall Restraint vests prevent you from falling while Fall Arrest vests systems protect you after you fall: they stop the fall before you hit the surface.

Large Sport Bag


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